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The only Web3 development platform that gives you tools to solve interoperability, fast finality and security

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Most powerful Infrastructure as a Service & tools to solve your multi-chain & web3 UX problems.

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Increase your market size by up to 20x while having the lowest transactions cost available in blockchain. Combining the best features of public and private blockchains.

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Ethereum delivered via 1DLT







See how 1DLT LayerZero dominates L1 and L2s for scaling and reliability.

Gas free Ethereum

Enjoy gasless transactions

“This is the fastest I have ever setup an Ethereum instance and the gasless fast execution makes it a delight because final settlement is nearly instant and I don’t have to wait anymore.”

– Maiol 32, Web 3.0 CTO

Stuck on small Layer 1’s?

Expand your market

“Just tested 1DLT. A world without cumbersome bridges. I can finally move assets of my clients seamlessly and safely between chains. So refreshing! ”
– Jasmin 31, Digital Asset Fund manager

What is 1DLT?

QPQ is a Deep Tech company that believes in

“Trust the Message, not the Messenger”.

The Team

Greg Chew

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Dr. Jan Erik Meidell


Dr. Gavin Powell


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