Deploy and Optimise your EVM projects on 1DLT

1DLT is a Layer 0 Protocol that is built on the strengths of Layer 1s.

Node as a service

Easily create and implement your own 1DLT node, which combines the best of geth and erigon. In addition receive your own dedicated VM to run powerful smart contracts anytime, without having to worry about spiking gas fees.

The Node can be:

  • Hosted by us, you, or on a decentralised infrastructure.
  • Operated as a single or cluster of nodes.
  • Part of a public, private, or permissioned network.

Consensus as a Service

CaaS uses a routing engine that finds and leverages the fastest, greenest, and cheapest decentralised consensus protocols. Select the consensus that corresponds to your requirements or let us automate the consensus routing for you.

Bridge as a service

Traditional bridges are centralised honeypots. A single breach results in massive losses.

Bridge As A Service is a tool that allows you to choose the Layer 1s you want your 1DLT node to connect to without the need for complicated engineering.

These novel trustless micro decentralised bridges can be setup fast and are secured by Layer 1s using Consensus As A Service.

We also provide the front end services for users to interact with your service WITHOUT having to leave your webpage.

Your own blockchain explorers

Get an explorer dedicated for your network, allowing your users to see the state of their wallet address, latest transactions, and public consensus validations.

With CaaS, your transactions secure consensus from public blockchains, and the explorer takes care of semantic integration onto those chains.

The explorer can be made accessible via your website in public or private mode, depending on how your network is setup.

Steps to node implementation

Step 1


Create and activate your Node

Step 2


Deploy your smart contracts on the 1DLT infrastructure

Step 3


Activate the bridges to your desired blockchains

Step 4


Enjoy the inflow of new and happier customers on your platform

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