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1DLT : Layer Zero Protocol

We know you dream of a life less challenging.
A fantasy for Web 3.0, where Ethereum is...
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Imagine no more, 1DLT is here today, ready for you to
build your future with.

We know you dream of Gasless Ethereum…

1DLT, fast, scalable, reliable, CHEAP. So cheap, you won’t even notice it.

We know you dream of Fast Finality…

1DLT is FAST: sub-10-seconds to final settlement now, sub-1-second tomorrow

We know you dream of Scalability…

1DLT scales: 25,000 transactions per second today, 1,000,000 and beyond by 2024

We know you dream of Interoperability…

1DLT allows you to enjoy the best features, services and opportunities of every networked protocol. One step to anywhere to do anything

Want to know all about 1DLT?

Test Net is now live. Main Net will be released in September 2022.

1DLT delivers WEB2.0 convenience in a Web 3.0 world

You focus on this…

And 1DLT gives you this…

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