QPQ is a ‘deep tech’ enterprise working to resolve fundamental issues in the deployment and utilisation of distributed ledger technologies.

Our goal is to transform the global economy by creating a new type of distributed infrastructure that levels the playing field and invites competition based on capacity to add value, not the control of transactional infrastructure.

Guiding Principles

Capitalism, not corporatism – I win, you win, we win – reward participants for the value they add rather than the platform that they control.

Digitalisation, not digitisation: We do not add layers of complexity to existing systems, we transform the underlying transactional network.

Create seamlessly integrated, interoperable networks and markets, consolidating the strengths of each for maximum utility.

Recognise the need for privacy but also compliance with applicable laws, a fundamental dichotomy that we address at scale.

Secure, data rich digital assets not simple tokens, eliminating the need for third party custodial solutions to manage assets.

Honour the true purpose of distributed ledgers by ensuring that we can trust the message, not the messenger.