The network infrastructure to enable a digital universe
QPQ holds the keys to digitalisation and is developing the fundamental layers upon which new transactional infrastructure can be built, unlocking the digital, programmable economy of the future.
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We are developing the fundamental layers upon which a new transactional infrastructure can be built
QPQ are delivering
A digital platform for the governance and settlement of commercial transactions, completing the circle of digitalisation for global commerce.
To Address
Baked-in inefficiencies of organisations
Legacy systems with partial solutions to ‘bolt on’ capacity
Partial attempts to improve through ‘digitisation’
Because corporates have
Too many administrative and compliance overheads
Too much paper
Too many external providers
Resulting in
The burden of heavy contractual and regulatory governance is crippling many businesses and yet continues to be the status-quo
Convoluted processes that net or batch transactions to circumvent failures of digitisation scale and transparency
Multiplicity of silos within the settlement process requiring intermediary layers and largely analogue processes to overcome
For businesses such as
Large Multinational Industrials
Financial Institutions & Services
Small to Medium Enterprises
The status quo of ‘fintech’ vs. Optimal digital state of a transaction
Digitisation before QPQ
The layering of marginal and incremental efficiency gains onto legacy systems and processes - has partially addressed some of the shortcomings of the settlement side of a transaction, as applied by Visa, PayPal and Stripe.
Digitisation, however, does nothing to address the other side of a transaction - its governance - which still relies on detached analogue processes for contractual agreements, administration, compliance and reporting.
Digitalisation after QPQ
The replacement of inefficient processes with fully automated digital ones - enables the unification of a transaction's governance and settlement into uniquely intertwined yet distinct digital processes.
QPQ is driving the complete digitalisation of transactions with a single, secure, high capacity network with fully automated legal, business and regulatory components paired with real-time digital settlements.
We are building the next generation decentralised network platform
QPQ Core Protocol Technologies are building the network infrastructure to enable a digital universe
QPQ’s three core technologies make up the QPQ protocol, creating the distributed digital exchange and with that the QPQ Digital Financial Network.
This layer enables digitalisation, peer to peer system of trust, near instant settlement, smart legal contract automation, security and scalability that empower the QPQ platforms and network.
The Application Layer provides a human interface to these core underlying technologies.
Treasury & Custody Accounts
A single fully digital point of client reference for all of their economic activity within the QPQ digital financial network.
Distributed Digital Exchange & Network (DDEN)
Trustless transactional layer allowing networked interaction and distributed exchanges.
Operating Governing Code
Allowing any operative document to have its operative, governing elements digitally unified to enable automation.
Democratising finance in the process
Our proprietary platforms are built with the following core values in mind
The network provides a high degree of trust as only verified parties are permitted to access and transact within the network.
Removal of Friction
Removing layers, eradicating administration and rent seekers unlocks enormous cost and efficiency savings.
The network is built towards the goal of sovereignty over data and identity.
True Digitalisation
Merging the settlement and governance elements of a transaction to enable total automation for our clients.
QPQ is positioned to initially target opportunities in financial services & capital markets
$1.6 Quadrillion
Total value of securities transactions settled by the DTCC in 2017
$30 Trillion +
Total value of custodied assets held by Euroclear in 2020
$895 Trillion +
Total value of securities transactions settled by the Euroclear group in 2018
$15.5 Trillion +
Total value of custodied assets held by Clearstream in 2018
24 Million
Total value of transactions sent through the SWIFT network every day
$40.5 Billion +
Total value of credit transfers & Direct debits sent through SEPA in 2018
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