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“Just tested 1DLT. A world without cumbersome bridges. I can finally move assets of my clients seamlessly and safely between chains. So refreshing! ” – Jasmin 31, Digital Asset Fund manager

Web 3.0 with Web 2.0 convenience

“Just set up my own Node and deployed my Dapp in 3 minutes with 1DLT. I did not believe this can be done so convenient and easy. Finally, I am able focus on my business and and not the tech. setup.” – Haoyu 19, DeFi trader

Gas Free Ethereum

“Thanks to 1DLT I was was able to mint my entire 7.777 pieces NFT collection on Ethereum for literally zero gas.” – Marc 27, Solidity developer

Fastest Ethereum transactions

“This is the fastest I have ever setup an Ethereum instance and the gasless fast execution makes it a delight because final settlement is nearly instant and I don’t have to wait anymore.” – Maiol 32, Web 3.0 CTO

Ethereum delivered via 1DLT

1,660 x


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10,000 x


See how 1DLT LayerZero dominates L1 and L2s for scaling and reliability.

QPQ is a Deep Tech company that believes in “Trust the Message, not the Messenger”.

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Greg Chew

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Emanuele Ragnoli

Chief Technology Officer

Alberto Trombetta

Chief Science Officer

Peter McNulty

Chief Financial Officer

Leveraging the best of blockchain

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