1DLT solves the hard problems in DLT, so you don’t have to

1DLT nodes are flexible

Nodes can operate as public, private, monolithic, EVM or non-EVM. 1DLT enables all of this, starting with EVMs, transitioning the most mature DLT ecosystem to the future.

1DLT nodes are pre-integrated

We’ve unbundled the components of DLT protocols and services so they can be combined to optimise user utility.

Layer Zero Service 1: Consensus As A Service

CaaS routes transactions to uncongested, fast, low cost public Layer 1 DLTs intelligently and reliably. The more DLTs CaaS connects, the greater the aggregated consensus capacity.

Layer Zero Service 2: Bridge as a Service

Performs a complete range of interoperability services for a network of DLTs.


Setup your 1DLT node in just a few clicks. Nodes are modifiable by size and network configuration.

Set your own Gas Price

When setting up the node, choose how many transactions you want for a predictable price. From there, provide your users with a gasless experience or charge a fee of your choice.

1DLT nodes are Ethereum Nodes

are exactly the same EVM version as Etheruem Main-net. With one crucial difference. Fast-finality. Deploy your Ethereum Smart Contracts with minimal modifications, taking advantage of this new-found speed.

A sustainable reality compared to Ethereum

1,660 x


120 x


10,000 x


The Layer Zero Approach will always be faster than Ethereum Main-net and other scaling solutions.


Public chain consensus with a choice of public or private networks

Costs: $0.005 – $0.10

Finality: 1 sec to hours

TPS: 25,000 to unlimited

Back to Ethereum: 20 minutes


Group 1

Other L1 EVM compatible projects

Examples: Polygon, Avalanche, Binance

Costs: $0.02 – $0.30

Finality: 25 secs to hours

TPS: 2,000 to 4,500 max limit

Back to Ethereum: Minutes to days

These are EVM Compatible chains so there is some work to adapt code to them

Group 2

Layer 2 Roll Ups with weak fraud proofs

Examples: Arbitrum and Optimism

Costs: $1 to 5

Finality: 7 days

TPS: 4,500 max limit

Back to Ethereum: Takes 7 days

This is Solidity based however since finality isn’t reached for 7 days, some code changes are required

Group 3

Layer 2 Roll Ups with Validity Proofs

Examples: Starkware and ZK Starks

Costs: $1 to 5

Finality: Hour

TPS: 10,000 max limit

Back to Ethereum: Finality + 20 min