Foundational for Web 3.0

Speed to finality, cost and ease of interoperability. Both the holy grail and an unholy trinity for App development teams.

1DLT enables Web 3.0 apps to run on a private or public network supported with all the trust and transparency of consensus on the established ecosystems of the public network.

1DLT is building the network, so you don’t have to.

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Infrastructure on demand

With 1DLT, development teams can set up from scratch in just two minutes. Simply choose from our menu of networks, nodes, consensus providers and redundancy needs. In two minutes or less your high throughput, low-cost Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure is ready for development teams to deploy their smart contracts.

Scalable, Fast and Smart

1DLT helps Dev teams build an Ethereum Virtual Machine-based smart contract and connect seamlessly to multiple blockchains and DLTs with true interoperability. From a single starting point, developers can access multiple connections with only one step to anywhere in the blockchain and DLT ecosystem.

Public Consensus

Each individual transaction goes through the consensus process; there is a full audit trail to enable tracking of each and every transaction. No batching, no centralisation. True interoperability, providing users with the strengths of all the networked protocols and none of the downsides.

Try it now

The first drop, an Alpha version, of the product is available now. It is easy to try out and get familiar with, and right now it is free. The next stage in the development is a Beta version scheduled for July 2022.

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~20k transactions per second

High Speed

~10 seconds to settlement finality

Low Cost

Cents, not hundreds of dollars

1DLT Roadmap

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1DLT provides the user with the ability to establish a private or public Ethereum networks with the trust of a public distributed ledger network. The way this works is by building Ethereum nodes that process Ethereum’s web3 api, but delegate consensus to a performant and low-cost public network. In doing so, a user receives the programmability and compatibility of Ethereum with the speed, trust, and low cost of a public consensus network. It’s literally a win-win situation!


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