Limited scalability and transaction costs are, among others, some of the critical issues that hamper a wider adoption of distributed ledger technologies (DLT). That is particularly true for the Ethereum blockchain, which, so far, has been the ecosystem with the highest adoption rate.

Quite a few solutions, especially on the Ethereum side of things, have been attempted in the last few years. Most of them adopt the approach to offload transactions from the blockchain mainnet, a.k.a. Level 1 (L1), to a separate network. Such systems are collectively known as Level 2 (L2) systems. While mitigating the scalability issue, the adoption of L2 introduces additional drawbacks: users have to trust that the L2 system has correctly performed transactions or, conversely, high computational power is required to prove transactions’ correctness. In addition, significant technical knowledge is needed to set up and manage such an L2 system.

To tackle such limitations, we propose 1DLT: a novel system that enables rapid and trustless deployment of an Ethereum Virtual Machine based (EVM-based) blockchain that overcomes those drawbacks.