QPQ Secures a 100M capital commitment

Zug, 20th October 2022 – Switzerland-based distributed ledger interoperability protocol developer, QPQ AG, has announced a $100 million investment commitment from GEM Digital Limited (“Gem Digital”), a Bahamas-based digital asset investment firm. 

GEM Digital will provide QPQ with a Token Subscription Facility for a 24-month term following a crypto exchange listing, which will allow QPQ to draw down funds by issuing tokens to GEM Digital. QPQ will control the timing and the maximum size of such drawdowns and has no minimum drawdown obligation. The price at which GEM Digital pays for the tokens will be based on agreed upon formulaic prices at the time of the drawdown, and each drawdown includes a floor price that is determined solely by QPQ.

QPQ is a deep technology company that has solved key technical challenges preventing mass adoption of blockchain and Web3, the first stage in QPQ’s roadmap to establish the ‘Internet of Economics.’ The Internet of Economics represents QPQ’s vision for the future of distributed ledger technology: a unified digital market infrastructure where all economic exchanges of any asset or transaction can take place securely, at scale, and in compliance with laws and regulations. 

“This commitment from GEM supports QPQ’s creation of the Internet of Economics – the decentralised, scalable, secure digital infrastructure of the third millennium that will open the global economy to more than five billion people by 2030,” stated Greg Chew, CEO and Founder of QPQ.

“Think of every imaginable form of human interaction – from finance and banking to real estate, healthcare, agriculture, mining, green energy, and carbon markets. Any interaction that exchanges sensitive information or value can be moved to a trustless digital infrastructure. In doing so, we foster a transition from an economy that rewards control of the infrastructure to one that rewards adding value to that common infrastructure, opening economic participation to the masses,” said Chew.

QPQ’s initial commercial product, 1DLT, consolidates Layer 1 blockchain protocols into a cohesive, scalable, secure, interoperable whole that addresses the challenges of why blockchain technology has not yet been more broadly adopted in the real economy. 1DLT provides a true interoperability protocol for blockchain technology and enables the infrastructure necessary to make Web3 as user-friendly and convenient as Web2. This is the key to making blockchain work with the same seamless convenience that people take for granted from Web2.

Chew continued, “QPQ has taken a different approach to market, unlike the common route in the blockchain industry. Instead of releasing a white paper and asking for buy-in to produce the solution it sets out, we chose to first prove that we have delivered what we set out to create. For QPQ, 1DLT is just the beginning, the first product of many on the road to realising the vision that is the Internet of Economics. The success of Web3 is not about the infrastructure anymore: we will only ever make it faster, more secure, and more capable. The door to the future is wide open. It’s time to build that future.” 

Through 1DLT, QPQ is committed to a vision of tokenising the Internet of Economics that is de-risked, proven, scalable and secure. The utility token will complement QPQ’s technical deployment plans and provide a very clear, objective set of value metrics. GEM Digital has committed to supporting QPQ through that issuance in the next phase of QPQ’s development.

About QPQ

QPQ is a deep tech platform supporting the custody and transfer of digital assets. Our goal is to transform the global economy by creating a new type of distributed infrastructure that levels the playing field and invites competition based on capacity to add value, not control of transactional infrastructure. For more information visit: https://qpq.io

About GEM Digital Limited

GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm. Based in The Bahamas, the firm actively sources, structures, and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 centralized and decentralized exchanges globally. 

Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) is a $3.4 billion alternative investment group with offices in Paris, New York, and the Bahamas. GEM manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets and has completed over 570 transactions in seventy-two countries. Each investment vehicle has a different degree of operational control, risk-adjusted return, and liquidity profile. The family of funds and investment vehicles provides GEM and its partners with exposure to Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities, and select venture investments. https://www.gemny.com 

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