The QPQ Core Protocol – The Foundation of Digitalisation
QPQ’s three core technologies make up the QPQ protocol that lies at the core of digitalisation of transactions. Together, they create and enable the Digital Financial Network.
Like the Earth’s crust in the image here, the enterprise, business, retail and consumer economic activity and applications they interface with are powered by and operating on the core layers
This QPQ Digital Financial Network enables digitalisation, peer to peer system of trust, near instant settlement, smart legal contract automation, security and scalability that empower the QPQ platforms and network.
Digitalisation & The Programmable Economy
Treasury & Custody Accounts ('TCA')
QPQ’s ‘TCA’s are the repository for all the economic data of clients and a single point of reference for all activity within the network whether that is stock levels, accounts payable, accounts receivable, investment instruments, cash or equivalents.
Clients engage via their TCA with assets in the QPQ system. This operates in a manner that permits the segregation of digital assets, and thus the compliant settlement of transactions between TCAs, even within the context of financial services.
This opens the door for enterprise and institutional engagement with digital assets, making the digital economy possible.
Distributed Digital Exchange & Network (DDEN)
Our unique DLT approach utilises an economic consensus model, permitting enterprise standard security, speed, and throughput of distributed network consensus. This will enable and empower both dynamic and static exchanges to operate seamlessly within the network.
To ensure our clients are able to utilise the DLT protocol that best suits their needs, we developed our proprietary Atomic Swap Engine. This allows all of the major DLT protocols to be fully interoperable, allowing QPQ’s DDEN to unite the digital universe whether clients use our DLT protocol or other leading protocols.
This is the basis for the realisation of a global fully digital, distributed transactional network.
Operating Governing Code
QPQ has architected and protected the means to faithfully convert any operative document into interchangeable and enforceable code. We call this Operating, Governing Code and the processes that enable it, the Operating Governing Code Engine (‘OGCE’).
This creates ‘Smart Legal Contracts’ that digitalise and govern interactions between counterparts and stakeholders. Contracts are only the start; the same processes can authentically convert regulation, legislation, court orders, instructions, etc. into code permitting ‘smart compliance’ with regulations and legislation.
The effect is to replace inefficient administrative process with fully digital processes that humans observe and govern.
The QPQ Protocol Layers
Treasury & Custody accounts, operating governing code and commercially scalable distributed ledger algorithm. Three core technologies that underpin three platforms and so create an end to end mutually supporting commercial protocol layer for the programmable economy:
The QPQ Digital Financial Network.
From raw material right the way through the value chain to the consumer, integrating access to finance and automated compliance, our network protocol layer will provide a singular, fully digital world of commercial opportunity.
Our digital financial network is open to any organisation, of any size in any industry anywhere in the world to embrace the 21st Century and the digital future it offers.
Whether a natural or legal person, an individual or a sovereign state, the digital frontier is now open.
Atomic Swap Engine
The End of Digital Silos
QPQ are developing an atomic swap engine that will allow complete interoperability between the leading distributed ledger technologies. Other DLT technologies can be integrated into this as they gain commercial traction.
QPQ’s Atomic Swap Engine permits world leading commercial scale and latency of transactions, thus creating the bridge for all distributed ledger protocols for high speed, fully scalable interoperability.
There are very significant commercial opportunities that can be explored with both open and proprietary elements of our Atomic Swap Engine. We are currently engaged with major institutions for whom the ability to transact beyond the silos of a single distributed ledger technology is a business need.
Distributed Digital Exchange(s) and/or Traditional Market Insfrastructure using QPQ
Enabling Digital Asset Markets
QPQ’s Digital Asset Platform
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Enabling the first fully distributed exchange
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Eliminating Systemic Risk
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